Bassic Collection

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The Sound

Advanced Sonic Design

Improving the way you experience sound has been the focus of the Origin team for over three decades. Our speaker designers and engineers have over 100 years of collective experience, have won hundreds of awards for their efforts and have invented numerous patented technologies that have dramatically advanced the art of sound reproduction. The Bassic Collection’s incredible performance is a direct result of their passion and commitment.

The Ultimate Combination

Although a loudspeaker is much more than the sum of its individual parts, the quality of those parts is still a critical component in the speaker’s design. Every single element of an Origin speaker is carefully chosen with one goal in mind, to create the most awe inspiring sonic impression possible.

A Firm Foundation

Deep bass is the bedrock of any musical or theatrical experience. It is the visceral element that moves you at an emotional level. The Bassic Collection has the power and dynamics to shake the walls and create a sonic realism that makes a performance come to life.

Dedicated Power

Each Bassic subwoofer has an 80-250 watt amplifier built into its enclosure. The amplifier is custom designed and fine-tuned to push the specific driver to which it is attached. The result is incredible impact and ground-moving bass that will enhance any music or theater system.

The Look

Making a Statement

Clean lines and solid design make the Bassic Collection at home in any room. Since bass frequencies are almost totally non-directional, the subwoofer can be placed anywhere and remain an unobtrusive part of the system.

Made to Shine

The amazingly rigid enclosure, made of HDF, a material engineered from highly compressed exploded wood fibers, is covered in a black, high-gloss coating that gleams in the light or disappears in the dark. Whether you choose to highlight their gorgeous design or hide them away these subwoofers will more than make their presence known the second you fire them up.

The Finish

A Part of the Room

Often times a freestanding subwoofer can be placed in a corner behind the couch, double as an end table or be hidden inside a wall unit. It is always a good idea to consider these possibilities in advance of installing the system.

Double Up

As bass frequencies permeate a room they can interact with the room’s acoustic properties creating hot and cold spots where the bass is either overwhelming or anemic. Careful placement can insure the bass response is best in a specific listening position. Placing two subs in a room will not only increase the output level but also dramatically smooth out these effects.

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