Composer Collection

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The Sound

Advanced Sonic Design

Improving the way you experience sound has been the focus of the Origin team for over three decades. Our speaker designers and engineers have over 100 years of collective experience, have won hundreds of awards for their efforts and have invented numerous patented technologies that have dramatically advanced the art of sound reproduction. The Composer Collection’s incredible performance is a direct result of their passion and commitment.

The Ultimate Combination

Although a loudspeaker is much more than the sum of its individual parts, the quality of those parts is still a critical component in the speaker’s design. Every single element of an Origin speaker is carefully chosen with one goal in mind, to create the most awe inspiring sonic impression possible.

Innovations and Inventions

A loudspeaker is an elaborate puzzle with a myriad of pieces that must precisely fit together. When a piece of a particular quality simply doesn’t exist, we invent it. The Composer Collection is filled with these innovations, from the patented tweeter design to the patented Spring-Lock™ Tool-less Mounting System (Patent #9366380), from the unique woofer surround to the sleek aspect ratio, these speakers sound better because they are better.

A Moving Experience

Having invented the in-wall speaker over three decades ago, our opportunity to revisit the process with a fresh perspective has paid true sonic dividends. Whether it is a dual woofer design or the use of a 4x8 single driver, the Composer Collection takes advantage of several technologies that result in more impact and greater overall performance.

Superior Materials

By selecting specific materials we are constantly working to reduce the weight of the cone and yet keep it very rigid. This means the woofer can react very quickly for better detail but also remain in its desired shape. The Composer Collection features woofer cones made of injection molded graphite, glass fiber or Kevlar®. The glass fiber and Kevlar are pre-stressed and mounted to a paper backing to insure the material will not lose its shape by stretching later while the cone is in motion.

Take Me Higher

Crystal clear high frequencies provide the nuances in a musical performance. Origin’s patented Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm or DPSD™ has an advanced suspension system that allows the tweeter to play louder, cleaner and with greater articulation, squeezing every last detail out of your recordings.

The Look

Aesthetic Integration

Making speakers to be heard and not seen has been our passion for decades. Once installed the only visible element is the grille that is magnetically attached to the speaker. The ultra-fine perforation pattern and incredibly thin outer bezel in the Composer Collection hide the speaker and blend discreetly into any décor leaving nothing but an almost imperceptible shadow.

Blending In

For an even closer aesthetic blend, Origin grilles are designed to be painted to match the ceiling or the walls. This further disguises the grilles and makes them a seamless part of the room.

Fitting In

Depending on room size, architectural features and performance requirements, the need for speakers in different shapes and sizes becomes quite necessary. With over 40 different choices in the Origin line there is a perfect option for every application regardless of the room or the interior design.

The Finish

Like They Belong

The fit and finish of Origin speakers are as clean and impressive as their sound quality. Once installed the speakers become a part of the environment where they disappear unless, of course, your pride of ownership moves you to point them out.

Sleek and Stylish

In our effort to make the Composer Collection an attractive addition to any room we have chosen to take full advantage of the Golden Rectangle. This ancient mathematical and artistic ratio has been used in timeless architecture, famous works of art and even the shape of books. By selecting and positioning specific drivers we are able to maintain this shape, which is undeniably pleasing to the eye.

Real World Installation

A unique and patented, spring loaded mounting system for in-wall installations secures the speakers in place and insures optimal sound reproduction regardless of the construction materials being used.

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