Composer In-Wall Subwoofers


Unprecedented Power

Bass is a necessity for any home theater or dedicated listening area. Back in the 1980s, our team dreamed up a clutter-free solution for delivering the big and powerful experience of box subwoofers. Building an in-wall subwoofer poses many challenges to engineers seeking to circumvent physics in a category that is predominately concerned with larger size and more power. Our team has spent more time than any other refining the art and science of the in-wall subwoofer.

Cinematic Wherewithal

Composer In-Wall subs are the perfect solution for high performance home theater without all the clutter. Whether your home is undergoing new construction or thereafter, two varying designs allow for the sub to be installed into existing walls or prior to drywall. Both models are designed with expanded cabinet space to allow for greater cone excursion, significantly enhancing the low-end bass response.

Low Down Aluminum

When it comes to building the perfect subwoofer, it's no secret that we're in love with high-grade aluminum. Aluminum is six times as dense as typical fiber board (MDF) and twelve times as stiff, making it a superb choice not only for the subwoofer cone itself, but also for the encompassing enclosure. We use aluminum everywhere we can due to it's highly efficient thermal conductivity properties, sturdiness from vibration, ease of installation, and space maximizing density.


Taking the Heat

Producing deep dynamic bass requires an overwhelming amount of power. In a typical subwoofer system, much of this power gets transferred as heat en route to the voice coil and magnet, not output (SPL). Origin In-Wall Subwoofers are marked with an aluminum faceplate that acts as a heat-sink with superb thermal conductivity, dissipating obstructively hot temperatures and allowing for the woofer cone to complete it's excursion with maximum linearity.

Anti-Vibration Control

One of the complications arising in creating powerful bass from within the confines of an interior wall is the creation of disruptive vibrations. In order to rid the in-wall subwoofer of these vibrations, the cabinets are lined with shock-absorbent foam that makes the Composer In-Wall subs capable of taking in up to 500-Watts of power unfazed. The resulting bass is louder with preserved fidelity and smooth clarity.

Digital Room Correction

Whether the room requires an explosive theatrical performance or a more subtle touch of smooth bass, the SUBA500 subwoofer amplifier is loaded with 500-Watts of Class-D power along with distinct DSP presets to enhance the equalization of the in-wall subwoofers to accommodate any environment, large or small.


Seamless Integration

The fit and finish of Origin speakers are as clean and impressive as their sound quality. Once installed the speakers become a part of the environment where they disappear unless, of course, your pride of ownership moves you to point them out.

Higher Perforation & Lower Visibility

All Origin Acoustics speakers are designed with carrying as little visibility as possible, removing them from sight amongst home décor. Our fully paintable grilles carry a distinctively high perforation pattern that is remarkably smaller than traditional in-wall speaker grilles, enabling them to blend into virtually any environment.