Foundation Collection

The Design

Class-D Power

This switching type amplifier class has incredible efficiency, above 90%, as higher power is demanded. This means substantially less heat is produced even though the amplifier is able to produce substantial power. This also means a reduction in size as smaller heat sinks are required and the electronic circuitry can be more compact and reside in a smaller chassis.

Needed Power

Bridging two channels into one drives almost triple the power into a single output. This feature creates greater flexibility in system design when additional power is a requirement.


Built-in circuits that sense both thermal overload or a short-circuit in the speaker connections, will shut down the amplifier until the temperature level returns to normal operating levels or the short in the connections is corrected. This protects the amplifier from permanent damage and avoids costly service visits and repairs.

The Performance

Rock Solid

Great sound and durability are the hallmarks of Origin amplifiers. When designing a system, regardless of its size or complexity, amplification is a critical tool that needs to perform all the time, every time. These amplifiers resoundingly answer the call.

A2150 - Two Channel, Stereo Amplifier

At 150 watts of power to each channel and 300 watts to one channel in bridged mode and the ability to consistently drive a 4-ohm load, this is a workhorse that can be used as a building block in any system. Its automation and protection circuits serve to make it perfect choice for home theater or multi-room/multi-zone applications.

A1250 – 12 Channel Amplifier

Driving 6 stereo or 12 mono zones simultaneously, this amplifier covers a lot of territory in a very compact space. At 50 watts per channel it is a go-to amplifier for multi-room audio with enough power to easily push even the finest architectural loudspeakers to the peak of their performance. Featuring the same automation and protection circuits as its 2-channel counterpart, it is a flexible and powerful addition to any system.


Origin amplifiers can be place in a rack or inside furniture and require no direct access to function. They are turned on out of standby mode either by sensing the audio signal from a preamp or receiver or by a 12-volt signal from any number of components. They also have a 12-volt output to trigger other components as necessary.

The Application

Rack’em Up

Many systems require multiple channels of amplification. One way to do this is by stacking several two-channel amplifiers until the desired number of channels is achieved. The powerful A2150 is perfect in this scenario as the amp is so efficient that it creates very little heat. This allows it to play very well with other components when housed in a rack. They can obviously be fed with independent sources or daisy chained using the buffered throughput.


Multiple channels can also be powered by the A1250, which offers 12 independent channels of amplification. Input flexibility allows for every single channel to receive its own input or each pair can be connected to the global input. Each pair can also be bridged for additional power as needed.

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