Bang & Olufsen

Historical Perspective

Origin Acoustics and Bang & Olufsen have teamed up once again with their shared philosophy of design and engineering performance to deliver the most sonically impressive architectural loudspeakers with Bang & Olufsen’s distinctive look of understated luxury.

Tone-Arm Tweeter

The exclusive Tonearm DPSD™ Tweeter allows for a lower crossover and more stable linear travel. The new Multi-Motion™ mechanics enable the tweeter to be pointed to the desired listening area with exceptional precision and wider dispersion.

Multi-Motion Pivot

The Multi-Motion Pivot assembly allows the user to focus the directional mid and high frequencies at an angle toward the listening area. This adjustability substantially enhances the listening experience while allowing the speakers to remain discreet and out of sight. It also provides the ability to install entire surround systems from within the walls while creating the audio cues that provide the sound field position that brings movies to life in a home theater.

More Than Meets the Eye

While all the sound power is hidden away in the ceiling, the visible speaker grilles remain true to the Bang & Olufsen design philosophy of understated luxury that complements any home interior. The Premium Grilles are made from polished aluminum and white steel. Celestial™ speakers can be customized with a square speaker grille (available as an accessory).

Amazingly Quick

Building on the success of Origin Acoustics’ Award Winning mounting systems, Bang & Olufsen Celestial™ features Zip-Cliq tool-less installation while Palatial™ features the patented Spring-Lock™ mounting system. The speakers mount effortlessly and remain completely secure over time.

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