Minimal Opening System


Minimal Opening

Our smallest yet largest feat so far, the Director Minimal Opening System™ is a revolutionary fully in-ceiling audio system that mimics the appearance of 4" designer lighting. Featuring a revolutionary Dual 6.5" bandpass subwoofer and an arrangement of 4" in-ceiling speakers that deliver uncompromised sound with a most minimal impression.

Integrated Aesthetics

Customized to match the unique appearance of home lighting, the system comes complete with square and round 4" magnetic grilles. Highly perforated and paintable, the custom finish blends seamlessly into the ceiling alongside lights for a sophisticated uniform look.


Full-Range Ensemble

Powerful in combination, the system delivers a full frequency listening experience complete with smooth bass, exceptionally clear midrange, and unmatched articulate highs. The passive crossover of the DSUB6 ensures The Director Minimal Opening System™ lines up with interior lighting to deliver an awe-inspiring performance that must be heard.

Extensive Coverage

Audible from every point in the room, the Minimal Opening System delivers comprehensive coverage suitable for open areas with small aperature lighting like kitchens, family rooms, and hallways. Regardless of the audience, the system disperses sound thoroughly without spotty coverage.

Lifetime Warranty

At Origin Acoustics, we have an insane commitment to the highest standards of quality and a lifelong promise of performance. Origin Acoustics warrants to the original retail purchaser only that this Origin Acoustics product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, provided the speaker was purchased from an Origin Acoustics Select Authorized Installing Partner.


Superior Materials

Every component of the Director Collection employs the finest materials available: Hand-Select Kevlar™ Woofers, Compression Molded Woofer Baskets, Butyl Rubber Surrounds, Highly Perforated Stainless Steel Grilles, and Silk Tweeters. It's all a minified package.

Dueling Effort

The Dual Woofer Design of the DSUB6 bandpass enclosure provides for the efficient utilization of limited space for deeper bass capacity. In addition to exceptional bass performance, the woofer configuration stabilizes the cabinet, minimizing vibrations in the ceiling.

Stereo Articulation

Intelligently engineered for a well-rounded in-ceiling listening experience, the DSUB6 contains a passive crossover that optimizes the distribution of incoming audio signals to the system. Low band bass frequencies stay with the sub, while the mid-to-high range frequencies are distributed to the attached satellite speakers through dedicated stereo outputs for peak performance.