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    Woofer Materials

    Every Seasons loudspeaker features either an Injection Molded Graphite (IMG), Glass Fiber or Kevlar® woofer. These materials assure quick accurate response due to their light weight and rigidity. They are also extremely weather resistant for years of dependable performance in most any environment.

    Aluminum Tweeters

    Pristine high frequencies are produced from an aluminum dome tweeter that cuts through background noise and allows the sounds of sibilance and instrumental details to float above the fray. Being aluminum they are also rugged and impervious to the elements.

    Built to Last

    All the sound quality in the world would be of no value if the speakers were unable to survive the environment in which they are installed. We know how punishing winter cold and snow or blistering hot summer sun can be. The ABS plastic in our enclosures is mixed with an anti-UV ingredient to resist sun damage and the material itself is designed to survive the harshest winters. The drivers were designed to function in all weather extremes. Even the mounting hardware, grilles and accessories were selected with the effects of the elements in mind. The entire Seasons Collection is rugged, durable and guaranteed to last.

  • Specs
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    Model NumberOS54W
    Part NumberOCS5400W
    Tweeter DomeAluminum
    Tweeter Diameter3/4" (20mm)
    Woofer ConeIMG
    Woofer Diameter5 1/4" (134mm)
    Dimensions10 1/2" x 7" x 7" (266mm x 178mm x 178mm)
    Frequency Response63Hz - 20kHz
    Impedance8 ohm
    Recommended Amplifier Power5 watts - 60 watts
    Sensitivity88dB +/- 3dB
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