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    A1250 - Twelve Channel, Stereo Amplifier

    At 50 watts of power to each channel and 100 watts to one channel in bridged mode and the ability to consistently drive a 4-ohm load, this is a workhorse that can be used as a building block in any system. Its automation and protection circuits serve to make it perfect choice for home theater or multi-room/multi-zone applications.

    Class-D Power

    This switching type amplifier class has incredible efficiency, above 90%, as higher power is demanded. This means substantially less heat is produced even though the amplifier is able to produce substantial power. This also means a reduction in size as smaller heat sinks are required and the electronic circuitry can be more compact and reside in a smaller chassis.

    Bridgeable Circuit

    Bridging two channels into one drives almost triple the power into a single output. This feature creates greater flexibility in system design when additional power is a requirement.


    Origin amplifiers can be place in a rack or inside furniture and require no direct access to function. They are turned on out of standby mode either by sensing the audio signal from a preamp or receiver or by a 12-volt signal from any number of components. They also have a 12-volt output to trigger other components as necessary.


    Built-in circuits that sense both thermal overload or a short-circuit in the speaker connections, will shut down the amplifier until the temperature level returns to normal operating levels or the short in the connections is corrected. This protects the amplifier from permanent damage and avoids costly service visits and repairs.

  • Specs
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    Model NumberA1250
    Part NumberAMP12X5000
    Dimensions17 7/10”W x 3 1/2”H x 13 2/5”D (450mm x 89mm x 340mm)
    Depth13 2/5" (340mm)
    Number of Channels12
    Power Output (two channel bridged) 8Ω bridged @ 1000Hz THD 1.0%90 Watts
    S/N Ratio @Rated output95dB
    Input Sensitivity1 Volt
    Auto on Sensitivity2.5mV
    Time for Auto off20 minutes
    Residual Noise6.5mV
    Stand-by Power Consumption<5W
    Line Voltage115 VAC / 230 VAC Switchable
    Output+12 VDC Trigger
    Control+12 VDC or Audio Sense
    Minimum Speaker Load
    Inputs8 Stereo Local Inputs, 2 Global, 1 Digital S/PDIF Input
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