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    Live in Hi-Fi Paradise

    Sure you can place your piña colada on it…just don’t turn up the volume too high. Since 1976 Origin Acoustics sound engineers have designed superior performing loudspeakers with a signature sound that has won hundreds of industry awards. The OSUB10P sounds every bit as dynamic and detailed as it does seismic and sweet.

    8-Ohm or 70V

    Featuring adjustable tap settings for 8-Ohm and 70V fixed wattage, the OSUB10P can be placed right in line with up to hundreds of Seasons Landscape speakers in an expansive installation or just a pair of Seasons OS speakers.

    Above-Ground Installation

    Perfect for patios, decks, and concrete, the OSUB10P mounts to any solid surface outdoors. The powerful 10" down-firing woofer provides evenly distributed omni-directional bass coverage, amplified by the passive enclosure porting.

  • Specs
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    Model NumberOSUB10P
    Part NumberOSUB10P1000
    Woofer Diameter10" (254mm)
    Dimensions15.75" x 11.25" (400mm x 286mm)
    Frequency Response37Hz-150Hz, 32Hz-150Hz with OA amplifier EQ
    Impedance70v or 8ohm
    OutputPower Handling: 200 watts, 70v 100 watts
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