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    Tonearm Tweeter

    The Tonearm™ tweeter featuring a Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm (DPSD™) is capable of incredibly linear motion that produces greater output and absolutely pristine high-frequency reproduction. It also has the ability to crossover at a lower frequency than other tweeters, a quality that dramatically enhances dispersion of critical directional frequencies produced by the mid-range driver. The result is enhanced musical presence and vocal clarity over a very broad listening area.

    Multi-Motion Pivot

    The Multi-Motion™ Pivot assembly allows the user to focus the directional mid and high frequencies at an angle toward the listening area. This adjustability substantially enhances the listening experience while allowing the speakers to remain discreet and out of sight. It also provides the ability to install entire surround systems in the wall while creating the audio cues that provide the sound field position that brings movies to life in a home theater.

    X-Wave Woofer Surround

    While in motion, frequencies between 700-1,400 Hz typically run up the cone of a woofer and are reflected back and forth from the center of the driver. This creates unwanted harmonic distortion. The X-Wave surround found in Origin woofers absorbs these frequencies reducing distortion and maintaining driver stability. This design also maximizes cone area by reducing the width of the surround.

    Progressive Suspension

    As the driver travels to the limits of its excursion, the suspension, made up of the spider and the surround, becomes more rigid, exerting more control on the movement of the cone. The result is increased, clean power output throughout the driver‘s frequency range.

    Compression Molded Woofer Baskets

    Utilizing the latest techniques and materials in plastic fabrication, Origin is able to create basket designs with superior stability and acoustic neutrality. These baskets combine with the driver suspension to increase linearity and improve overall performance.

    Spring Into Action

    Building on the success of Origin Acoustics‘ patented mounting system, the Bang & Olufsen Palatial™ features Spring-Lock™ 2.0 Tool-Less Mounting System. The speakers mount effortlessly and remain completely secure over time. (Patent #9366380)

  • Specs
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    Model NumberBOPLCR66
    Part NumberSWBOP15600
    Tweeter DomeSilk DPSD
    Tweeter Diameter1" (25mm)
    Woofer ConeGlass Fiber
    Woofer Diameter6.5" (165mm)
    Dimensions7.48" x 15.20" (190mm x 386mm)
    Frequency Response55Hz-20kHz
    Impedance6 ohm minimum
    Recommended Amplifier Power25 watts - 150 watts
    Depth3.74" (95mm)
    Cutout Dimension(s)6.625" x 14.375" (168mm x 384mm)
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