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    Weather-X Technology

    Each component of the Zip-Klip™ assembly has been treated with a special proprietary formula that keeps the speaker from showing any sign of rust or discoloration for over 10,000 hours in pure salt-water immersion, far exceeding the IPX6 rating. This technology allows for any of the 6" and 8" models of the Director Collection to be installed near ocean waters and in decks facing rainy weather.

    Amazingly Quick

    It is important when installing a loudspeaker in the ceiling that it be stable and secure, restricting the vibration of the assembly and limiting transfer of energy into the wall. The revolutionary Zip-Klip™ Mounting System (Patent #9591390) spreads the weight of the speaker over a larger area than typical mounting systems accomplishing this result with minimal effort. Spring-loaded clips also create more uniform pressure against the drywall eliminating any warping or distortion of the speaker baffle.

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    Model NumberBZ68WX
    Part NumberMISBZ68000WX
    Cutout Diameter8.75" (222mm)
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