The Origin.

Each product, every process, at Origin Acoustics has its roots in a Riverside, California hi-fi shop. From the meticulous obsession with perfection to the love of great sound, we've led the industry with innovation and experience since the beginning.

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Two Hippies in a Hi-Fi Shop.

In 1976 Origin Acoustics Engineers Ken Humphries and Ed Haase began experimenting. Their goal, to turn the existing structure of your home into a resonance chamber in order to hide unsightly speakers. After extensive research, the architectural speaker was born. Ken, Ed, and their team went on to innovate and design OEM speakers for Bang and Olufsen, JBL, Polk Audio, as well as many other smaller companies.

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‘The current you is obsolete! Grow, evolve, and succeed daily.’

-Jeremy Burkhardt.

Origin Acoustics Founder.

Our History.

A Blank Canvas.

Origin Acoustics launched in 2014 and proceeded to turn the industry on its head. Starting from scratch, our team created the most refined architectural speaker ever made.

Our Designs.

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You Deserve The Best.

Origin Acoustics is firmly committed to putting the customer first. It’s not enough for us to produce some of the finest speakers ever made. We want to be your partner and friend. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our speakers with hassle-free returns. Whether you are a listener or an installer, we will always deliver service above the bar.

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